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Zacate – North Bridge , Chipset

Let us take a closer look at the block diagram below which shows the components of the APU – not just the processor cores.

A typical Zacate APU consists of two bobcat x86 cores shown in the top right of the block diagram. The Bus and Harmony Controller is the north bridge inside the APU which acts as an interface between the processor, the  DDR3 memory and the Graphics Cores.  The Zacate core also has PCIe and display interfaces.

There is only one chip outside the process – code named “Hudson” – AMD calls it Fusion Controller Hub. It connects to the processor using UMI interface. AMD used the Hudson codename for Zacate as well as the Llano processors. There are different flavors of Hudson supporting one of more features, but all of them has the basic supports for Audio channels, PCIe,USB 2.0 and SATA.

In the next post we will look at the most important part of the Zacate – the GPU ( Graphics Processing Unit).

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