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Zacate Architecture – the Bobcat Core

Bobcat is a low power core used in the Zacate APU. The architecture is an out of order – which means that the program can execute in a order, different from the normal flow of the software to improve performance. Basically the processor can execute independent section of the code while one section of the code is waiting for resources, for example, data from memory. The out of order take more power but boosts performance. The remarkable thing about Bobcat is that – it is able to reduce the power consumption while improving performance using out of order.

Atom on the other hand uses In order processing – it did so to be able to keep the power consumption. Atom actually looks anachronistic if you take into account the availability of other options, including the Low power Sandy Bridge parts, the Zacate.

The out of order architecture provides better single core performance than the Intel’s Atom. Bobcat is never supposed to be an stand alone processor – it will always be coupled with a GPU and will be sold as an APU.

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