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Windows 8 launching on October 26, 2012

Microsoft finally announced the arrival of the brand new, ultra functional and interactive Windows 8, on October 26. The announcement came in the Microsofts’s annual sale meeting and was made by none other than Steven Sinofsky, President of the Windows and Windows Live Division. October 26 is also the date when the PC version and the upgrades will already be available as well.

As you might already know Windows 7 appeared after long years of preparations and adjustments. The rumors started back in 2009, but Windows 7 hasn’t been officially unveiled until June 2011. What is even more interesting is that the development of Windows 8 already started well before 2009, and finally it is just a matter of few months when the Notebooks that we buy will come with Windows 8 preloaded.

Windows 8 will come with a few surprises and innovations, that includes

-a Metro style user interface- characterized by excluding the graphics that are superfluous and instead focusing on speeding up usage!

-a Start screen which is ultra functional and innovative. The start screen will contain different functional tiles, where each tile is a different application

-extremely playful & colorful user interface. If up until now you have been used to get a classic and conservatory outlook from Microsoft’s Windows systems, now get ready for a huge change. Get ready to play.

-Windows 8 will be fully compatible with Microsoft’s upcoming tablet, called Surface. However, you will need to have enough patience to wait until the tablet is launched later on, “this fall” as inside sources point out. The tablet is going to be magnificent, with a 10.6 inch screen, a stunningly thin 3mm case (the same thin keyboard too!), digital ink technology allowing the use of a stylish pen, and a 9.3mm frame. The Surface tablet is said to come in two versions: the Windows 8 Pro model with Ivy Bridge processor and all the other amazing details such as up to 128 GB SSD and the Windows RT model which will have a Tegra 3 processor + a choice of 32 or 64 GB SSD!

-the software will also be compatible with the Windows phone interface had declared Windows 8 as one of the most anticipated products of 2012. User can experience a very fast boot time. There has been reports from the pre launch testing from users showing significant drop in the boot up time.

With so many stunning news coming from Microsoft, it is no wonder that half the Universe can hardly wait for the fanatic day of October 26 2012!

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  1. Martha says:

    Serioulsly, I never felt the need of any OS upgrade ever since the launch of the Windows XP. Vista was a failure. The Windows 7 was better, but I use a lot of techie EDA software that broke in Windows 7. There are rarely anything that I could not do on Winddows XP.

    The security is better in Windows 7 – but MS first created an issue and solving it by making people to buy it.

    Winodws 8 solves few things ( faster boot up time, smaller foot print, better security), but creates few other ( un necessary metro)

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