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Why 2012 iPad 3 Disappoints

We have a mixed feeling after having played with the 2012 iPad 3 for few days. Frankly, the new iPad is not a game changer.

The degree of the difference between the iPad 2 and the new 2012 iPad is not as dramatic as between the 2010 iPad and the iPad 2. In 2011 when Apple launched the iPad 2, it was reasonably faster ( there are several you tube videos that shows real time improved performance in iPad 2 as compared to 2010 iPad), was thinner, and came with Cameras.

The response time of the iPad 2 left little room for any improvement, so as to speak. So we really do not complain if the processor in iPad 3 is the same as that of the iPad 2. The retina display of the iPad 3 is improved. But frankly speaking, this is not something that you will find stunningly different from a casual viewer point of view. You will have to be told that it is iPad 3, to be able to notice the change. There has to be gaming app that developed for the newer iPad to make it noticeable. Why not save $100 and go for the iPad 2 ? After all at $399 iPad 2 is still a decent Tablet for casual surfing, facebooks and some of the apps that you will be using. Or may be buy a refurbished $349 iPad 2 ?

But my real complaint is the battery life / increased power consumption in the 2012 iPad. The new iPad consumes 50% more power than the iPad 2. Apple had to increase the battery capacity by a whopping 50% to be able to deliver the same battery life as the iPad 2. How about, if the Apple had just changed the Battery in the iPad 2 – It would have given 50% boost in the battery life increasing the battery life from 10 hours to 15 hours ? Now tell me which one you will like ?

A. The 2012 Apple iPad3 with 10 hours battery life and Retina Display for $499.
B. The iPad 2 – just use the same battery as the 2012 iPad, keep the existing display, give me 15 hours battery life and increase the cost from $399 to, may be $420 to account for the higher capacity battery ?

Let us take a look at what makes the 2012 iPad not as great and worth upgrade when compared to iPad 2. May be we should wait for 2013 iPad. Click next to continue reading.

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2 Response

  1. rendermike says:

    ipad DISAPOINTS ( i have 12 mac pro twinsixporns) ( maya / flame/…)
    ( and 20 i7 pcs and some i5) and yes megacrativebeats need it.
    a shhep on street consumer not. only a paper tray in the toilet…

    because i can not use it for the RED SCARLERT
    not for my KORG SYNTH
    not for anything
    than just
    SURFE???? and PAY 45% of a MAC BOOK?

    so ARE YOU CRAZY? it is a nice litte remote and if it costs 199 $

    i would get an hp 450 amd for 340 $ and it is HACHINTOSH W7 Ubunti
    what ever..but

    it is not creative….. it is a toy.

    1. Toti says:

      @rendermike When you want people to take you seriously, try not to use Caps Lock key, type the whole sentences and one question or exclamation mark is enough. People made an effort to write their opinion on something. Respect that by typing normal sentences.

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