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Viao VPCEG27FM/W – User Feedback

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We have collected the users feedback about the Sony Viao VPCEG27FM/W from different places. Generic comments about the Viao VPCEG27FM/W has been removed and only relevant and to the point feedback from real users have been added.

We encourage the readers to add their comments at the end. This helps other in taking right decision about this notebook.

So here are the users comments

– With VPCEG27FM/W you can actually plays 3D videos, I watched some 3D movie previews from the internet using those 3D plastic glasses and they looked amazing. You can buy the regular glasses from bestbuy and even a 3D movie, you have two options to watch a movie.insert a blu ray movie and you have the option of blu ray and 3D.

– The battery life VPCEG27FM/W is great – you can get 6 hours of battery without recharging it, which is extremely convenient. It is one of the best laptops for the price of it.

– Speakers on this notebook are not great when compared to Dell. Sony should improve.

– The white model is $30 extra as compared to the black model. It rediculos to add 30 $ extra just cuze its color is white. It does not come with bluetooth.

– The wi-fi did not work from the time I took it out of the box. When I contacted Sony they e-mailed me some drivers to download which did not fix the problem. I spent an hour and a half on the phone with them and they could not fix the problem. The only way to fix it was to restore to factory settings which erased everything that I had already spent a lot of time loading. After the restore, the wi-fi worked for a couple of hours, but then stopped again when I installed my printer. I spent another half hour on the phone with Sony and got no where. I returned the computer the next day.

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