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Core i5-2500K for $189 in deal

Update 8/8/2012 The deal now has expired and the prices have shot up to $219. You can however, check the latest deals here. The Core i5-2500K held a steady price of $229 for a long time. It was / is one of the best seller processor from Intel, mainly due to its attraction as a overclocking monster. The newer Ivy bridge has eclipsed it mainly due to the better integrated graphics performance, but its CPU is still strong. Newegg still has it at $219 and amazon at $210, as we write here. TigerDirect has this processor at $189 making it a great deal that overclockers will love. The Core i5-2500K is a quad core 3.3GHz processor and comes with HD Graphics 3000 as integrated graphics. Grab the deal here … Read entire article »

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Core i5-3570K for $209 at TigerDirect

Update 8/9/2012  : The deal is still live on Circuit City as of August 9. 2012. You can find the latest processors deals here.  Way back in May 2012, Circuit City had this processor at this low price just after introduction of the Ivy Bridge processor. We once again have a low price – not at Circuit City this time. Tigerdirect has Intel Core i5-3570K ( Part Number BX806237i53570K) processor for a reasonable $209 if you use coupon code UZV66433. Overclockers will find delight in this Ivy Bridge processor which has a base clock of 3.40 GHz. It should not be hard for you to overclock this processor to over 4.0 GHz. Heat issue will prevent you to go much beyond 4 GHz ( Unless you have some really good cooling). The TDP … Read entire article »

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