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Sylvania SYNET7WID netbook for just $79 spotted Sylvania SYNET7WID when searching for new arrivals at Walmart – the biggest US retailer which also stocks notebook and electronics gadgets.The Sylvania SYNET7WID is being touted as  “Kids  Netbook” with 7 inch LCD screen.  was just curious if this netbook could also be used by us ( as a better replacement for working on the smartphones and ipads) ? Let us take a closer look. This netbook comes with Via 8505 Processor , 128 MB of memory and does come with Wifi and USB. Is not that a full fledged machine ?

Well, unfortunately, the functionality will be limited by the Windows CE operating system, which, even though, nice is not a replacement of the regular operating system. Not all the programs that run on your regular Windows machine will run on this machine. Windows CE was made for the smartphones and the embedded systems which does not accept all the regular programs that run on Windows XP or Windows 7.

But that does not limit you from browsing the net using the in built wifi, playing the games and running some of the programs that are pre installed.

The VIA 8505 processor in this notebook runs at 600MHz. Its performance is there fore comparable to most of the mid to high end smartphones launched in 2010. A small 128 MB memory may be good enough for the kids as the learn surfing. The hard disk is 2 GB that can be enough for pictures but possibly not for videos. One of the downsides of this notebook is the absence of integrated webcam. However, you can add a USB Cam on the external USB 2.0 ports on this notebook and you should be ready to go.

If you are looking for a gift to your son or one of the family friends’ kids birthday gift – this may not be a bad option.


Sylvania SYNET7WID   at Walmart for $79

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  1. pqrs says:

    This netbook was available long ago at amazon in $100 to $149 price range. It did not become very popular as people had more expectation than the processor in this notebook could handle. Probably still good enough if you want to type on notepad and do some emails etc.

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