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Survey predicts increase in the demand of iPhone5, Galaxy S3

According to a recent survey conducted by ChangeWave – nearly 14% of mobile users are ready to buy iPhone5 a figure significantly above 10% – the number of people that were likely to buy iPhone 4S prior to the launch of iPhone 4S, when the survey was conducted in Oct 2011. When asked if they were somewhat likely to buy – the corresponding figure is 17% for iPhone 5 Vs 11.5% for iPhone 4S ( again prior to the iPhone 4S launch in October 2011 lunch)

Table: iPhone5 – likely to be even more popular than iPhone4S

Survey Liklelyhood of buying iPhone 5 –

June 2012 Survvey

Liklelyhood of buying iPhone 4S

Oct 2011  Survey

Very Likely
14% 10%
Somewhat Likely 17% 11.5%
Unlikely 59% 71.5%
Dont know 9% 7%


The survey was conducted to get an estimate of the number of consumers looking for  iPhone5 as the  most anticipated mobile phone to be launched ever.  The iPhone 4S had a record breaking sale of 37 million even when the survey conducted in Oct 2011 had indicated 10% users interested in purchasing and 11.5% in “not sure” category.

The latest survey that was conducted by ChangeWave was based upon an opinion poll of about 4,042 North American customers. The people who participated in this survey were told about the amazing features like improved camera, larger screen, 4G LTE capability and iOS 6 operating system and yes, of course the price by building a comparison with its predecessors.

The opinion poll that also predicted something good  for Samsung as well, as almost 19 % of customers indicated that they plan to purchase a Samsung Smartphone in the subsequently coming days. The huge demand of the Samsung phones have  increased significantly with its latest flagship android phone,  the Galaxy s III.


For the  Galaxy S III, 2% of surveyed people indicated that they are almost ready to purchase Samsung’s newest phone, whereas 7% said they are still not sure. The large size and the quality of the display is the main driving factor behind the  15% of predictable sales.

While the above survey that was conducted brought good news for Samsung and apple,  other handset makers sustained to struggle. Companies like HTC, Motorola and Nokia have to still struggle a lot to get this position.

Source : ChangeWave

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  1. Sam says:

    The survey looks stupid. iPhone is already saturated. Whever had to take has taken. There is no more demand for it.

  2. sushi says:

    I have seen a lot of persons writing off Apple every now and then. Apple does not has to do anything for marketing. Its products are solid and the negative publicity turns into positive because people like its products.

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