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Sandy Bridge Architecture

For the last six years Intel has been successfully alternating its tick tock model to keeps processor performance improving. A tick is a change is the manufacturing processor while a tock is a change in the processor architecture.

Sandy Bridge is basically is tock as far as the processor architecture is changed. Intel made moderate changes in the processor core and some significant change in the integrated graphics. The Integrated graphics, which was on a separate die and used 45 nm manufacturing process, has now been merged in the same die and uses a unified 32 nm manufacturing process. In that sense Sandy Bridge is partially a tick in the process. And this is what makes Sandy Bridge a significant leap ahead.

In the next few posts we will explore the architecture, the processor, the integrated graphics, socket, chipset and other features of the Sandy Bridge processor. Make sure you read it to the end to get a feeling of this processor.

Spanish version of this text is available at – Arquitectura Sandy Bridge

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7 Response

  1. lock says:

    Now Apple too in using the tick tock thing in an even safe manner by upgrading their A5 processor in iPad 2 to 32 nm. Better strategy than going AMD’s disastrous Bulldozer way.

    This is caller engineering – industrial engineering not R & D Engineering.

  2. anshul says:

    i want to know about the difference between AMD APU A-8 4500M processor and intel core-i3 2nd generation processor in terms of normal usage such as net surfing,movies,gaming,and in doing some language work like java etc. Kindly give me response to this querry.
    thank you..

    1. nice23 says:

      There is no straighforward answer,

      1. For net surfing,movies – it does not matter. Both are good enough
      2. For gaming A-8 4500M is better.
      3. language work like java => You will benefit with Intel Core i3. Faster compile time

      So it depends on gaming and which game you play.

  3. anshul says:

    thanks for the reply..
    games like cs,nfs n less momory games.
    one more thing i want to ask, is there any link between graphic card and movie display quality?or graphic card is only meant for Gaming..!!

  4. anshul says:

    Does the intergrated graphics play a role in dvd playback,streaming video from netflix, youtube, and web based video’s? Or are we taking it really matters between AMD and Intel intergrated graphics just for gaming..

  5. Jumba says:

    Within next two years people will forget Sandy Bridge. There will be Ivy Bridge , Haswell and what not. It is simply stupid to think and talk about the “latest” technology.

    Talk about something that has longer life – Life, Bliss, Sun, Nature.

  6. Innova says:


    You have come to a wrong place then. By the way how did you land up here ?

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