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Qualcomm MDM9600 LTE chip in 2012 iPad

The 2012 iPad ( not the 2010 iPad or the iPad 2) comes with 4G LTE support. Actually not all of them but the more expensive ones and you will have to take the 4G LTE services from Verizon or AT & T

Apple uses the Qualcomm MDM9600 chip for its 4. This chip is already used by Novatel and the Sierra Wireless. Both of them leverage the Gobi 4000 platform for their module designs.

Qualcomm had released the details in the press release in Nov 12, 2011.

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 15, 2011  – Qualcomm today announced availability of Gobi™ 4000, its latest addition to the Gobi family of embedded data connectivity platforms. Based on Qualcomm’s leading multimode 3G/4G wireless modems, the MDM9600 and MDM9200, and a common software interface (Gobi API) for connection management development, the Gobi 4000 platform allows customers to offer both LTE/HSPA+ and LTE/EV-DO designs to meet the growing demand for embedded 3G/4G connectivity in mobile devices worldwide. Gobi 4000-based modules are now available from Novatel Wireless and Sierra Wireless.

If you are planning to integrate 4G into the system you are designing, you have basically two option

– Purchase an OEM Card from Novatel or Sierra Wireless. They will usually hook on USB and allows communication using simple AT commands.

– Design your own around the MDM9600 ( take Gobi 4000 Platform). You will have to use the API provided by Qualcomm. Notice that you will also be required to get certification from Verizon and/or the AT & T to be able to use these on their network.

Verizon has an extensive procedure to test your system for the 4G network before you can deploy them into field. They check all the protocols, connectivity, signal strength, antenna etc. They also take the system into field to check out the download and upload speeds, call drops, seamless switching between 3G and 4G.


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