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Pentium G2120 Vs Pentium G860

The Pentium G2120 belongs to the newer Ivy Bridge series that brings 10% performance clock to clock improvement over the earlier Sandy Bridge. The Pentium G860 belong to the Sandy bridge.

The G2120 is clocked 100 MHz higher ( 3.1 GHz Vs 3.0 GHz), which makes it theoretically 3% better. This along with the 10% improvement due to Ivy Bridge architecture makes it about 13% faster.

The G2120 also comes with a better integrated graphics.

Table : Feature Differences

Feature Pentium G2120 Pentium G860
Core Frequency 3.10 GHz 3.00 GHz
No. Of Cores 2/2 Hyperthreads 2 ( No Hyperthreading)
Cache Organization 3 MB L3 512 KB L2 + 3 MB L3 Cache
Turbo Frequency None No Turbo
TDP Rating 55 Watts 65 Watts
64 Bit Support Y Y
Lithography 22 nm 32 nm
Integrated Memory Controller DDR3-1600 DDR3-1333
Integrated Graphics HD Graphics 2500 HD Graphics 2000, 850 MHz base, 1.1 GHz Turbo



Some more details of Pentium G2120

The Pentium G2120 is an Ivy Bridge desktop processor, which is great for low cost entry to mid level computing. It does not come with Hyperthreading support, which makes it shed 10% CPU performance compared to the same clock, Hyperthread enabled Core i3 processors. When compared to the Sandy Bridge Pentiums, it comes with 10% clock to clock improvement and a a better graphics – HD Graphics 2500.

Some more details of Pentium G860

G860 is fastest pentium branded Sandy Bridge desktop processor. It is also possibly the last in the Pentium Brand series in the Sandy Bridge before Ivy Bridge launches. The Pentium G860 does not support Hyperthreading and also does not support Quick Sync – two important differences with the Core i3 Sandy Bridge processors. At 3.00 GHz, this dual core processor is still fast enough for most of your tasks. Pentium G860 can also be used for low cost gaming when paired with an external graphics card. The integrated graphics ( HD Graphics 2000 ) is good for displays – but not great for gaming.

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3 Response

  1. Swedish says:

    Can you also include some benchmarking comparison of these two processors. Without benchmark it is hard to really get some meaningful information from this.

    Appreciate the post.

  2. Cristi says:

    On it states that the G2120 doesn’t have the HyperThread technology. Please explain or correct the table above. Thanks

  3. admin says:


    The table says 2 cores and 2 Hyperthreads. So there is only one hyperthread per core. This is same way as saying that it does not support hyperthreading.

    Hope this clarifies the confusion.

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