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Pentium B950 Faq

Pentium B950 Pentium B950 Vs Core i3-2310M B950 FAQ B950 Vs B940 B950 Vs Core i5-430M

Pentium B950 Faq

Question – Pentium is an old name. Is is true that Pentium B950 is an old and slow processor.
Answer – While it is true that Pentium is a pretty old brand name, it is not true for the Pentium B950 which belongs to the latest Sandy Bridge Architecture that debut in 2011 January.

Question – So what is the difference between the COre i3 Sandy Bridge and Pentium B950 processor.
Answer – Hyperthreading has been disabled in Pentium B950. This leads to slightly slower performance in multithreaded environment. Also, individual core i3 processors have clock frequencies that can be substantially more than Pentium B950’s clock frequency.

Question – What is the Basic Clock frequency and Number of Core for Pentium B950
Answer – The Pentium B950 is a dual core processor clocked at 2.10 GHz

Question – Does it has turbo boost feature ?
Answer – No – Pentium B950 does not come with turbo boost feature. Look for Core i5 processors for Turbo Boost feature.

Question – How does it compare with Pentium B940.
Answer – The Pentium B940 is identical to Pentium B950 – but it has lower clock frequency at 2.0 GHz

Question – What is exactly the Integrated Graphis in the Pentium B950.
Answer – In older motherboards for notebooks, there used to be a separate chip for the processing the graphics. Intel has integrated the graphics processing inside this processor. This leads to lower overall system cost, reduces power consumption and provides good graphics experience.

Question – What is this Integrated Memory Controller in Pentium B950.
Answer – The processor has a memory controller inside it, which allows it to communicate directly to the DDR3 DIMM in the system.

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