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Nvidia Tegra 3 Processor

Tegra 3, codenamed internally at Nvidia as Kal-El is a significant upgrade to already popular Tegra 2 processor. The processor is remarkably fast and is the first processor that comes with four Cortex A9 Cores in a single die. Future Iterations of Tegra 3 will further improve the performance as Tegra 3 is built with 40 nm technology and there is a room for improvement by migrating to 32 nm or better lithography.

We should start seeing Tegra 3 based smartphones and Tablets based upon the Tegra 3 in volume the first Quarter of 2012. We have already started seeing the demo of the Asus Transformer Prime Tablet that uses Tegra 3. The Tablet impresses with the graphics details of the water splashes in the games.

By the time Widows 8 launches sometimes in 2012 with support for ARM, we will have the next iteration of Tegra 3 ( Nvidia internally calls it Kal-El+ internally). We may expect entry level notebooks and netbooks based upon Tegra 3 processors and, for the first time we may expect the hold of Intel and AMD seriously challenged. If ARM can manage to take market share of the entry level netbooks and notebooks – it will be a significant change.

The Qualcomm Krait and the Samsung Exynos are expected to be the closest competitors to the Tegra 3, but of which will launch at later days. Freescale’s i.MX6 is another competitor. The i.MX6 will lanch quad core and dual core ARM 9 based processors sometimes in early 2012. But i.MX6 is expected to have lower clock frequencies and will lack the graphics power that Tegra 3 will have.

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