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Nexus 7: will it sell 8 million units in 2012?


Just when everybody thought that the iPad was going to remain the King of Tablets, Android is quickly moving to take the fight directly to Apple with the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire.

While there is very little actual information, Tech-Thoughts has decided to try to estimate the number of sales of the Nexus 7 for the entire year of 2012. They have used some reports and assumptions to try to come up with a number that appears to be very plausible.

The numbers are astounding and this is especially true for the month of July. The Nexus 7 was only released in the middle of that month yet Tech-Thoughts think that the tablet has sold 600,000 units for July alone. There was a lot of buzz around the Nexus 7 when it released but no one expected sales to be that big! They are also suggesting 1.1 million units for August and 1.2 million for September which would be a massive achievement.

Even more of an achievement would be if the following numbers are even close to accurate: 3 million in October and a mind blowing 5 million in December! However, this would depend heavily on the competition and Apple is expected to release the iPad Mini at around that time which could have an impact on Nexus 7 sales. The new Kindle Fire is also expected to release at around that time which could hurt but of course the holiday sales over December may allow all of them to sell large numbers. While Apple and Amazon are both making big pushes into the 7” tablet market, the Nexus 7 certainly looks like it will be able to hold its own.

If these numbers are correct then the Nexus 7 has sold less than the iPad’s records indicate but the numbers are still massive. In fact, the tablet is expected to sell anywhere between 6 and 8 million units over 2012 which would put it a little way in front of the Kindle Fire.

Of course, these numbers are not guaranteed to be accurate but if they are even close then the Nexus 7 must be more successful than even Google expected. What do you think? Is the Nexus 7 taking the world of tablets by storm or do you think it will fail to sell this many?

So what do you think ? Will google be able to seel 8 million units before are into 2013.

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