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Nexus 4 – price drop makes it attractive – But should you wait for Nexus 5 ?

When Google introduced Nexus 4 last year, its price at $299 was hailed as extremely affordable, given that iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S5 were double its price. So when Google announced another $100 price drop, Its $199 price tag was really something very affordable.

When we ordered the Nexus 4 last week, immediately after the price drop, we actually paid $221.43 to be exact. Nowhere in the media anyone pointed the actual price that was to be paid to buy this. The shipping method chosen was lowest possible ground shipping. For expedited shipping, the price is still higher. See the details.

1 Nexus 4 (8GB) $199.00
Shipping (3-5 business days): $9.99
Tax: $12.44
Total: $221.43

This is to remind buyers to be ready to pay the tax and the shipping, which is not to indicate that, it gets expensive, but to tell the truth. At this price you still get a decent phone for $221.43.


We have used this phone for a year and it has pretty much everything that you would like in a smart phone, and the over hyped LTE. You do not need a very high speed internet while you are traveling and need to use the data plan. You can always use a fast wifi connection wherever possible.

The Nexus 4 has decent camera that can also be used for making an acceptable quality video. You will need to be careful in keeping the hand shakes to minimal while recording the video. The moderately large size screen makes it easy to type small messages, facebook replies and emails.

So if nexus 4 is a decent, low cost phone should not we await for the nexus 5 – due to launch in October 2013 ( if the seemingly true and inevitable rumors are to be believed). The Nexus 5 brings two important additions – a potentially larger 5 inch screen and faster LTE speed. If you are not using a lot of high speed internet while on the move, the LTE option is not a big deal. Note that to really get best out of the LTE, you will need to get expensive data plan ( typically like $30, on T-mobile, for 2 GB data plan). The 5 inch screen will bring ease of entering text, if you use it a lot.

The nexus 5 will of course, bring better camera, faster processor and latest software. If you add us all this, it may be worth the extra $100 price tag. Whether it is worth or not, depends upon your usage pattern.


The $199, 8GB Nexus 4 is out of stock but you can still get the $249, 16 GB one which will ship in 1 to 2 business day. The Nexus 5 is around the corner, so you may also like to wait for Nexus 5 and buy it in October. The 8 GB Nexus 5 should be a good but for $299 ( compared to the 16 GB Nexus 4 for $249).

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