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Content contributors needed

Are you a regular reader of ?
Can you make out which processor is better and why ?
Can you tell which graphics card will run a game with better fps and why ?
Do you follow the latest in processor and technology ?
Do you use and read about the latest gadgets, tablets and technology ?
Can you engage readers with your humorous way of presenting intricate technological jargon ?

If the answer to three or more of these questions is yes, you are qualified to join the team of We pay generously. We are looking for content creators for our main page. We are also looking for active contributors to our forum where you can answer the un answered questions.

For details write to gary.bisha at

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  1. amol says:

    Processors of netbook and laptops,graphics card are my interest

  2. putty23 says:


    If you post a moronic statement like this, who is going to hire you ? Raise bar and then ask for something.

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