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Llano – Great for Battery Power

As we had stated in the beginning, besides the integrated graphics, the low power in another good point with Llano. And this is where it shines in Laptops. When you own a Laptop, you do not expect a great CPU performance – all you need is a good graphics, and decent battery life. And AMD scores better against the Intel’s Sandy Bridge in both.

How much is the battery life better in Llano ? You need real numbers to be able to tell which one is better. The terms like 4 hours of battery of 7 hours of battery does not really mean anything meaningful. You may get larger battery life with a bigger batter ( with higher Ampere Hour rating). Or you may increase of decrease the battery life by making it to run intensive application.

The real way to check the battery life of two processor, or, rather systems is by making them run same program and keeping the display in same setting and then measuring the current in Amperes that it draws. Notice that the result is then independent of the Battery Ampere hours.

The following chart shows the power consumption of the Llano versus Sandy Bridge under similar conditions.

On the first hand AMD looks better. However, Intel goes into low power states more often than AMD which reduces its average power consumption. This is something AMD can learn and improve from Intel.

Tomshardware run some tests on the Llano versus Snady Bridge and we present the result in table here.

Test Llano A8-3500M Sandy Bridge i5-2520M
Web Browsing 15.2 watts 12.8 watts
Office Tasks 16.3 watts 17 Watts
Movie Playback 19.5 Watts 19.4 watts

Now consider some more realistic scenario where you are playing game on battery. The Intel’s system will not be able to go into dips as often as shown in the graph above, as it constantly requires processor and graphics attention. AMD will have definite advantage here.

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