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List of Sandy Bridge Notebook Pentium processors

Pentium brand from Sandy Bridge line of processors have been found in low cost entry level notebooks. While we do not see any logic in removing the Hyperthreading and re-branding it as “Pentium”, the strategy has been successful for Pentium.

Most popular among these Pentium processors is the Pentium B950.

– All have TDP Rating 35 Watts.
– DDR3 Memory Controller.
– Integrated HD Graphics 3000 .
– No Hyperthreading
– No Turbo boost ( The Core i5 and i7 Sandy Bridge processors have Turbo Boost).

Here is the list of the Intel Sandy Bridge Pentium processors.

Table :Sandy Bridge Pentium Notebook Processors

Processor Clock GPU Clock Release date
Pentium B940 2.00 GHz 650 MHz to 1100 MHz ??
Pentium B950 2.10 GHz 650 MHz to 1100 MHz ??
Pentium B960 2.20 GHz 650 MHz to 1150 MHz ??
Pentium B970 2.30 GHz 650 MHz to 1100 MHz Jan 2012

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