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List of Processors in Mac Pro

Apple does not tell the model number of the processor in any of the product it has. Look and try to find it on Apple’s website – whether be it the Mac Mini, Mac Pro or its notebook line Macbook Air or the MacBook Pro – there is no information about the processor at all. All it will say is something like – “2.2 GHz Intel processor” or may be “2.5 GHz Intel Core i5”. You will be left with scratching your head if you try to find the processor part Number.

Compare Processors has compiled a list of the processors used in the Mac Pro line. The Mac Pro line is due for an update, and this list is valid as of Feb 2012. Notice that the Mac Pro is way too expensive compared to the Windows machines. For all its shortcomings you can get a damn fast overclockable, self made machine with Core i5-2500K and Z68 motherboard spiced with a Radeon 7000 series graphics under $1000. With Mac Pro – the cheapest one starts at $2499 – and that is without a monitor.

Ok, so back to what we wanted to tell you – here is a list of the Processors used the Mac Book Pro line of desktop computers.

Model Processor Clock Number of Cores Number of Processors Optional
Quad Core Intel Xeon W3530 – Nehalem 2.80 GHz 4 1 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Xeon W3565 or3.33 GHz 6 core Intel Xeon W3680
8 Core Intel Xeon E5620 – Westmere 2.40 GHz 4 2 2.66 GHz 6 core Xeon X5650 orthe 2.93 GHz 6 Core Xeon X5670
12 Core Intel Xeon X5650 – Westmere 2.66 GHz 6 2 2.93 GHz 6 Cores Intel Xeon X5670
Server Intel Xeon W3530 – Nehalem 2.80 GHz 1 1 1 -3.2 GHz Quad-Core Xeon W3565 or1- 3.33 GHz 6 core Intel Xeon W3680 or2 – 2.66 GHz 6 core Xeon X5650 or

2 – 2.93 GHz 6 Core Xeon X5670 or 2 – 2.93 GHz Xeon X5670

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