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List of Intel Core i3 processors – notebook – Arrandale

Here is the list of the Intel Core i3 processors. We are including only notebook processors and that too only the 1st generation core i3 processors, based upon the Nehalem micoarchitecture.

Table : 1st Generation Notebook Core i3 processors
– All have TDP Rating 35 Watts.
– DDR3- 1066 Memory Controller
– Integrated Graphics 500–667 MHz.

Processor Clock
Release date
Core i3-330M
2.13 GHz  Jan 2010
Core i3-350M
2.27 GHz  Jan 2010
Core i3-370M
2.40 GHz  Jun 2010
Core i3-380M
2.53 GHz  Sep 2010
Core i3-390M 2.67 GHz  Jan 2011


The most popular of these processors are the Core i3-370M and the Core i3-380M.

Table : Core i3 low power notebook processors

– Low power , TDP Rating 18 Watts

– GPU Clock is base 166 MHz and Turbo 500 MHz

Processor Clock
Release date
Core i3-330UM
1.20 GHz  May 2010
Core i3-380UM
1.33 GHz  Oct 2010

Besides that we also have the embedded part – Core i3-330E clocked at 2.13 GHz

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