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List of Core i5 Sandy Bridge Notebook Processors

Here is the list of the Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 notebook processors. ( Also called second generation core i5 processors)

Table :Sandy Bridge Core i5 Notebook Processors
– All have TDP Rating 35 Watts.
– DDR3- 1333 Memory Controller
– Integrated HD Graphics 3000 .

Processor Base Clock Turbo Clock GPU Clock Release date
Core i5-2410M
2.30 GH Two Cores 2.6 GHz, One Core 2.9 GHz 650 MHz to 1200 MHz Feb 2011
Core i5-2430M
2.40 GHz Two Cores 2.7 GHz, One Core 3.0 GHz 650 MHz to 1200 MHz Sep 2011
Core i5-2450M
2.50 GHz Two Cores 3.8 GHz, One Core 3.1 GHz 650 MHz to 1200 MHz ??
Core i5-2520M
2.50 GHz Two Cores 3.0 GHz, One Core 3.2 GHz 650 MHz to 1300 MHz Feb 2011
Core i5-2540M
2.60 GHz Two Cores 3.1 GHz, One Core 3.3 GHz 650 MHz to 1300 MHz Feb 2011


Besides that we also have .Core i5-2415M which same as the i5-2510M except that it has higher turbo GPU clock – 1300 MHz in place of 1200 MHz.

Also we have Core i5-2435M which is same as Core i5-2430M except for higher Turbo Clock ( 1330 MHz in place of 1200 MHz).

The List does not include Ultra Low power Core i5 notebook processors.

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