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LG to use Qualcomm APQ8064 in upcoming smartphone

LG lost the smartphone race as they were slow to adapt the fast changing technology. LG now plans a comeback with their upcoming smartphone that will be using Snapdragon Quad core APQ8064 processor.

LG will be using Qualcomm’s S4 platform to test and roll out its smartphone. The software design center at Bangalore India, is already working on the SDK and tuning the linux driver and updating the for its upcoming smartphone. The Bangalore Center has over 20 software engineers working on the low level driver and kernel development. One of the key tasks in the kernel development is the power optimization which needs to be fine tuned to ensure that the smartphone has better idle battery life.

Qualcomm’s has its own process to boot the processor and the modem, where the modem as well as main processor boot in parallel. This improved the overall boot process.

LG will be using MDM9x15 baseband for LTE. The smartphone is currently in production in Korea and is expected to be launched in September 2012.

Xiaomi has already announced using the APQ8064 for its phones.

The APQ8064 is a quad core Krait processor with 1.5-1.7 GHz clock frequency and comes with Adreno 320 integrated Graphics. We are less than excited about the integrated graphics as, PowerVR seems to better deliver the performance. But the Krait’ s advantage is the power envelope and performance matching ( at least ) to the quad core A9 ARM processors.

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  1. amtrak says:

    I had a talk with one of the engineers at LG and according to him, they are using MSM processor. I am not sure which MSM but a quick look says that it can be MSM8960 or the MSM8960T. It has integrated modem which makes sense for non US models.

    US models could be APQ8064 since they are using LTE (and a different baseband etc).

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