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Lenovo G570 4334EGU for $259 – unavailable at Frys

We just wanted to let Fry’s know that we hate your marketing campaign. has in its email a marketing flyer from fry’s that had Lenovo G570 4334EGU priced at $259. This indeed is a good price given that it comes with Pentium B950 ( a dual Core Sandy Bridge processor) with 15.6″ Screen Display, 4GB Memory and 320GB Hard Drive – basically perfect laptop for home and entry level computing. According to Fry’s site the laptop can be purchased between 07/27/2012 and 08/02/2012 and there is a limit of 1 per household. All this look good until you look at the note that says “Shipping: Unavailable” . Take a look at the screen shot

Frys, please do not play with the sentiments of customers. If you do not have anything in stock please do not advertize it. You will create mistrust with customers and no one will believe you.

Frys’s page for this campaign can be accessed here.

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  1. Eddie says:

    I too just received this email in my mail box. They also have Sony E15112FX/S , Intel Core i3-2370 in the mail box ( at $499) that is available. So they basically are showing off a $259 laptop that is not available only to make you purchase a $499 laptop. Shame Frys shame.

    And this is not the first time I am observing it.

    1. Dina says:

      Hello everyone, I got this email as well and got the product. They only have limited supply. Once supply is sold out they cannot shop anymore product. That is the reason being below the shipping not available, you will see a note stating * notify me when product is available *** don’t be hating because you didn’t get the items. I purchased it the moment I got the email which is around 4 am pacific time. So happy about the deal. I bought bought the Sony and the Lenovo and the 50 Inches Toshiba for $499 which is a trully good deal!!!! Do it next time folks, early bird catches worms!

  2. Mark says:

    I too received the (spam) email – that says – $259 Lenovo Laptop and more Back-to-School Deals! $28.99 64GB USB Flash Drive, $379.99 Canon EOS Rebel T3, $119.99 Corsair 180GB SSD… Don’t miss this week’s SALE!‏

    What the F***

  3. Rohan says:

    I just saw that at ebay being sold at $370 as buy it now. The $259 set by Frys is unrealistic and un sustainable. It is a questionable practice by Frys. I do not opt in their email but I have observed it in on their website.

    I used to visit Frys store few years ago ( I live in Texas) to buy components for custom computers. It has been long since then.

  4. Pro Life says:

    By publishing the post as top story, compare-processors is giving undue publicity to Fry’s which eventually means more traffic and biz to Fry’s.

    Negative publicty often helps and not hury business.

  5. 1234 says:

    Frys has muzlims, fraudters in its team that it need to purge. Ausuf Umar Siddiqui, the muzzi, and the 2008 VP, merchandising and operations, was charged for illegal kickback scheme involving Fry’s vendors.

    Obviously you want to avoid this company.

  6. Fry's Customer says:

    This is normal for sale items at Fry’s. They will not ship this item… you have to go to the store to get it. They DO have it in stock, you just have to go get it. There is a Fry’s in my area and I’ve bought many items from them with no problems.

    In sales terms, it’s called a “loss leader”. They are losing money on this item but the whole idea is to get you into their store so you might buy other items as well. They can’t afford to ship it at this price.

  7. Samantha says:

    I did check with Fry’s in Austin just now
    12707 N. Mopac Exp.
    Austin, TX 78727
    Phone (512) 733-7000

    They said that they have 5 in stock and are going fast.

  8. Paul says:

    Get off your lazy, whining, complaining asses and walk in the door of a Frys like I did 2 hours ago, and buy one. They are available.If you go past the staring at the picture phase online and attempt to order one they will indeed say none avail for shipping.However they will also search and tell you where they are available,and will hold one for you for 72 hours without charging your credit card until you pick it up at the store.The unit I just purchased was Brand new in a sealed shipping case,Not a refurbished, and was exactly as described In the FRY’s mailer I recieved yesterday.Fortunately Frys is about three miles from me. Those who can do..Those who can’t Bitch & Moan.

  9. Din says:

    I bought one yesterday and picked it up from Burbank CA. They dont have it available for shipping but is available for pick up from local store. The only downside it that it does not have a HDMI port.

  10. ape21 says:

    The same notebook is available at Newegg for $399 and that too “in deals”. This is the best deal you get – the only question is – can you get it ?

  11. Noob says:

    Can someone who actually purchased this notebook share his experience about it ? Any issue you had ?

  12. Melissa says:

    This notebook has come and gone. Let us move on and look for the next deal. For one, do not rely on the online incentive and be sure to call your local fry’s for availability before you go to the store.

  13. Ohama says:

    The prices have now shot up to $439. So it was really a good deal for anyone who got it.

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