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Ivy Bridge i7-3770K deal for $319 – expires May 5, 2012

There are three deals running at Circuit City, the best among them is the Core i5-3570K at $209 . But in case you are over enthusiastic, Circuit City also has the deal for the Core i7-3770K. It comes at higher clock and support for the Hyperthreading.

If you think that the extreme processing power is your main concern, you may go for the i7-3770K but there are reasons, the Core i5-3570K provides better value for money..

1. You get the same HD Graphics 4000 – and so the graphics performance does not improve when you spend extra $100.

2. Both the processors support overclocking. The only difference is the higher clock and the Hyperthreading, which does make some improvement but probably not justified for 50% steep price increase.

Check the Circuit City link here

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