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Ivy Bridge Core i5-3570K for $209 at Circuit City – offer expires May 5, 2012

Update : May 06, 2012

The offer has expired and the processor is now priced at $249.

While we were not too enthusiastic about the Ivy Bridge Core i5-3550 deal, we think that the Core i5-3570K at $209 makes better sense. Circuit City is offering a $20 rebate on the regular price of $229. Here are few things, that, we think, makes this deal a serious look.

1. This processor is great for overclockers as it comes with full unlocking capability. The Core i5-3550 comes with limited overclocking capability.

2. The HD Graphics 4000 makes the graphics faster. It makes many games playable that was otherwise not possible with Sandy Bridge HD Graphics 3000.

Now if you compare it with Sandy Bridge Core i5-2500K – you notice that it is 100 MHz faster on the top of the 10% clock to clock improvement due to Ivy Bridge architecture. Current price of the Core i5-2500K is $219.99 ( NewEgg price on May 2 , 2012). Now you pay $10 less, you get 15% more CPU power and 50% more graphics power. What is there not to like.

Check the Circuit City link here

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  1. woox says:

    I ordered one today. But I am also concerned by the heat issue in overclocking. Has anyone else used it for overclocking.

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