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Ivy Bridge Core i5-3550 deal – just $189

Circuit City is running the deal for the Intel Core i5-3550 processor that will expire on May 14, 2012. will run this post on the home page for next week or so for the benefit of the readers.

Quick Specs of this processor

Base Clock = 3.30GHz
Turbo Clock = 3.70GHz
TDP = 77 Watts
Fits in LGA 1155

The drawback – it comes with inferior HD Graphics 2500 in place of the the high end HD Graphics 4000. You may like to check the details of this processor here. This does not make it much better than the earlier Sandy Bridge Core i5-2500K, which at around $209, comes with HD Graphics 3000 and has unlimited overclocking support.

Here is the link to the Circuit City Deal – $189 Deal for Ivy Bridge

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