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Ivy Bridge Architecture

Ivy Bridge Introduction

Improvement in the processor performance can be brought about in two ways. The first is by improving or changing the basic processor architecture and the second is by improving the manufacturing process ( basically change in the Lithography). In processor parlance, we call it the tick tock process. A tick is a manufacturing process change – for example, shrinking the die 32 nm to 22 nm lithography. A tock change is basic processor architecture change.

The Ivy Bridge is basically a tick process where the Sandy Bridge die has been shrunk to 22 nm. However, it is not only tick process and Intel introduced some improvement in the processor architecture as well as the Integrated Graphics. The processor cores do not see a significant change and is more or less a tick process. However, the integrated graphics has seen some significant improvement.

In the next few pages we will cover some key facts about Ivy Bridge. Alongside we will also compare it with the previous architecture.

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