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Intel Pentium G630 Vs Core i3-2100

Pentium G630 as well as the Core i3-2100, belong to the Sandy Bridge group of processors from Intel.

Compared to the Core i3-2100, the Pentium G630 is inferior in following respects

- Lower Clock speed ( 2.70 GHz versus 3.1 GHz for i3-2100).
- Does not support Hyperthreading.
- Has DDR3-1066 speed grade ( Core i3-2100 has DDR3-1333)

Pentium G630 is still good enough for entry level computing. It retains most of the goodies of the Sandy Bridge architecture and provides good mid range computing performance at an affordable price. The Pentium as well as the core i3 brands do not support the Turbo Boost as in the Core i5 and Core i7. The Pentium is actually a slightly deprecated version of the Core i3 processors.

Table : Feature Differences

Feature Pentium G630 Core i3-2100
Core Frequency
2.70 GHz 3.10 GHz
No. Of Cores
2 ( No Hyperthreading) 2 (4 Hyperthreads)
Cache Organization
512 KB L2 + 3 MB L3 Cache 3 MB L3 Smart Cache
Turbo Frequency
No Turbo No Turbo
TDP Rating 65 Watts 65 Watts
64 Bit Support
32 nm 32 nm
Integrated Memory Controller
DDR3-1066 DDR3-1333
Integrated Graphics
Intel HD Graphics, 850 MHz base, 1.1 GHz Turbo Yes, Base 850 MHz, Turbo 1.10 GHz


Some more details of Pentium G630

The Pentium G630 adds 100 MHz to the clock frequency of G620, marginally improving its performance. The G630 is a stripped down Sandy Bridge core i3 processor, that does not support Hyperthreading. It retains the HD graphics 2000, reducing the cost of an external graphics card. Do not expect to play high end gaming with this processor though.

Some more details of Core i3-2100

The Core i3-2100 is the second generation Intel Core i3 processor improving significantly upon the architecture that evolved from Arrandale. Although turbo boost is not available in the core i3-2100 ( The newer turbo 2.0 technology, that increases the time for which processor can be in the boosted state, is available only on the second generation core i5 and i7 processors), the processor still shows significant performance improvement over similarly clocked 1st generation core i3 processor. The more significant improvement has been in the area of integrated graphics unit. Core i3-2100 comes with the better HD Graphics 3000 integrated graphics.

In the next post we have have covered the benchmark comparison of the G630 and the Core i3-2100

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7 Response

  1. Duane Gunsch says:

    Thank You. This is informative

  2. propus says:

    You may like to note that the integrated graphics in both these processors in HD Graphics 2000 not the higher end HD Graphics 3000. The HD Graphics 2000 has half the number of Execution Units as compared to that of the 3000 making its theoretical performance roughly half.

  3. noah says:

    I found this informative and valuable. I used to think the the Pentium is bad processor, but due to budget constraints , I had to buy the Pentium. I found it amazingly fast. If it were not these comparison, I would have probably not even noticed that I needed anything better.

    probably the core i5 is too fast for my need. probably they are overhyped, I do not know.

  4. Aby says:

    Why did not they integrate the HD Graphics 3000 in these two processors ? That would have made them more valuable.

  5. putty23 says:


    In the manufacturing process, some of the cores in the graphics gets bad. These are then disabled and get paired with the lower strats of processors.

    Yes, I think they could have integrated HD Graphics 3000 in Sandy Bridge processors, than they did. I think that is how they are doing in Ivy Bridge.

  6. Richi says:

    Check out Pentium G530 – it is a like $50 processor and is amazingly fast. I addes a $40 gaming card and the thing works like charm. I am able to Play Battlefield 3 with no fuss.

    Do not get carried away with core i-something-meaningless marketing bandwagon.

  7. jack all says:

    I am into the overclocking bandwagon. Got Core i5-2500K and over cloked it to a modest 4 G Hz. Great for compiling my Android Source code. Not looking into upgrade at least for the next 2 years.

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