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Intel HD Graphics Vs Radeon HD 6320

Intel HD Graphics Vs Radeon HD 6320

– The Intel’s HD Graphics is the integrated graphics in the 1st generation Core i3, i5 and i7 processors ( It also includes Arrandale based Pentium processors – e.g. P6100 and P6200). Few representative example of processors in this series include core i3-370M and Core i3-380M.

– The Radeon HD 6320 is the integrated graphics in the AMD’s Brazos processors. These are basically low power processors for thin and ultraportable notebooks.

– Notice that we are comparing Radeon HD 6320 with Intel HD Graphics and NOT HD Graphics 3000, which are part of the Sandy Bridge processors.

Table 1 : Intel HD Graphics Vs Radeon HD 6320

Feature Intel HD Graphics
Radeon HD 6320
Core / Shader Frequency Base 166 and 500 MHzz, Turbo upto 766 MHz 500 to 600 MHz
No. of Execution Units
12 80 Unified
Direct X Support
DirectX 10.1, Shader 4.1 DirectX 11, Shader 5.0
Lithography 32 nm 32 nm
Memory Support Shared Memory Shared Memory


Table 2 : Intel HD Graphics  Vs AMD Radeon HD 6320 Benchmark

The benchmark results have been rounded , wherever applicable , for quick comparison

Benchmarks Intel HD Graphics
Radeon HD 6320
3DMark 03- 1024×768 resolution
 4000  6500
3DMark 05- 1024×768 resolution  2800  4500
Windows 7 Experience Index – Gaming Graphics
 4.9  5.9
Cinebench R11.5  1.2  8.5

The AMD’s Radeon HD6320, therefore significantly outperforms the Intel HD Graphics by a wide margin, across all the benchmarks.

Table 3 : HD Graphics  Vs Radeon HD 6320 gaming performance

Benchmarks Intel HD Graphics
Radeon HD 6320
StarCraft 2 (2010) – Low

24  fps  46 fps
Anno 2070 ( Low)
  23 fps 27 fps


As you can see, Radeon HD 6320 makes some of the marginally playable game more playable. All this while keeping the power consumption low is remarkable for Radeon HD6320.

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– You may also like to check Arrandale Architecture, as, HD Graphics is one part of it.

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    They will be anything but low cost. Ivy Bridge has launched, but only high end quad cores not close to what you call low cost.

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