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Intel HD Graphics Vs HD Graphics 3000

Intel HD Graphics VS HD Graphics 3000

- When we say Intel HD Graphics it means the integrated graphics in the 1st generation core i processors ( notebook as well as desktop) as well as the Arrandale based Pentium and Celeron Processors. It is also called Graphics Media Accelerator HD or GMA HD for short.

- The HD Graphics 3000 is the integrated graphics in Sandy Bridge notebook processors as well as most of the desktop processors. Some desktop Sandy Bridge processors have HD 2000. If that interests you – you may check HD 3000 Vs HD 2000.

- HD 3000 is significantly better than the HD Graphics with a much improved architecture.

Table 1 : Intel HD Graphics Vs HD Graphics 3000

Feature HD Graphics
HD Graphics 2000
Core / Shader Frequency Base 350 MHz to 850 MHz, Turbo upto 1350 MHz Base 166 to 500 MHz, Turbo Upto 766 MHz
No. of Execution Units
12 12
Direct X Support
DirectX 10.1, Shader 4.1 DirectX 10.1, Shader 4.1
Lithography 32 nm 32 nm
Memory Support Shared Memory Shared Memory


Table 2 : HD Graphics Vs HD Graphics  3000  Benchmarking Comparison

The benchmark results have been rounded , wherever applicable , for quick comparison

Benchmarks HD Graphics
HD Graphics 3000
3DMark 03- 1024×768 resolution
400 8600
3DMark 05- 1024×768 resolution 2800 6400
Windows 7 Experience Index – Gaming Graphics
4.9 6.2
Cinebench R11.5 1.2 8.7


Obviously, we are seeing significant improvement in the HD Graphics 3000 with respect to HD Graphics.

Table : HD Graphics Vs HD Graphics 3000

Benchmarks HD Graphics
HD Graphics 3000
F1 2011 ( Low Settings)
 Not available 49 fps
Dirt 3 2001 Low setting
 8 fps 57 fps
Call of Duty Black Ops

 Not Playable 32 fps

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