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Intel HD graphics 3000 vs Radeon HD 6630M

The AMD’s Radeon HD 6630M is a discrete graphics while Intel’s HD 3000 is an integrated graphics ( in Sandy Bridge line of processors). The Radeon HD6630M gives out significantly better performance than the Intel HD 3000. However, since it is an additional component, it comes with extra cost, which may be worth, if you wish to be able to play some of the High end games.

The HD Graphics 3000 is good, if you are not into games that requires fast moving graphics.

Table 1 : AMD Radeon HD 6630M Vs Intel HD Graphics 3000

Feature AMD Radeon HD 6630M
Intel HD Graphics 3000
Core / Shader Frequency 480 MHz 350-1350 MHz
No. of Pipeline / Shaders/Cores
480 12
Direct X Support
DirectX 11, Shader 5.0 DirectX 10.1, Shader 4.1
Lithography 40 nm 32 nm


Table 2 : AMD Radeon HD 6630M Vs Intel HD 3000 Benchmarking Comparison

Benchmarks AMD Radeon HD 6630M Intel HD 3000
3DMark 03- 1024×768 resolution
15500 8600
3DMark 05- 1024×768 resolution 12500 6400
PCMark Vantage – Gaming Score 1024×768
5500 4700
Cinebench R11.5 – high, Tesselation (normal), DirectX11 1280×1024
10.6 8.0


Clearly  the Radeon HD 6630M is significantly faster than  the Intel’s HD Graphics 3000.

Table 3 : AMD Radeon HD 6630M Vs Intel HD 3000 gaming Benchmarking Comparison

Benchmarks AMD Radeon HD 6630M Intel HD 3000
World of Warcraft (2005) – High resolution
43 fps 12 fps
Battlefield 3 (2011) – Low resolution

16 fps 7  fps
Crysis – GPU Benchmark (2007) – High

30 fps 10.6 fps
Fifa 12 (2011) – High
 66 fps  32 fps

Further Reading

We strongly suggest that you take a look at the Sandy Bridge architecture, since HD Graphics 3000 is part of it.

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  1. Epic says:

    I have a Laptop with AMD HD 6630M and Intel HD Graphics 3000 switchable graphics. Can I play Call of Duty and GTA on this notebook ( has core i5).

    1. zhan says:

      I have a sony vpcse that has switchable graphic cards –HD 3000 and 6630m , 6630m is competent for all games on my sony ,the only problem is , I can’t rotate the screen to protrait mode( vertical) ,seems the driver does not support . I am using the original system and drivers, and updated the drivers to the lastest from sony website.

    2. Yash gothik says:

      Of course u cn,coz i hv played all of c.o.d games on my laptop.its a i3 2nd,1.5 GB Intel hd ,and 4 gig ram.nothing got wrong,and playin GtA san.andreas at ultra try.,good luck

  2. admin says:

    Yes, you should be able to play Call of Duty easily with the Radeon HD 6630M ( 40 fps in high setting). Not sure about GTA

  3. nanda gs says:

    is there any big difference between corei3 2350m and 2310m considering they both have amd 6630m graphics

  4. admin says:

    nanda gs,

    Core i3-2350M is 2.30 GHz
    Core i3-2350M is 2.10 GHz

    This makes a theoretical difference of 9.5% in CPU performance. In real life computing the difference may be big enough to make you feel it, unless you are compiling programs or some sort of things that takes more than a few seconds to complete.

    Take a look at

  5. Bass says:

    so World of Warcraft would run pretty well on a laptop with a second gen. i5, 4gb ram with AMD HD 6630m graphics driver?

  6. richard says:

    pues yo tengo una laptop con intel hd 3000y puedo correr el codmwn2 a full total con AA x4 y no se me lagea en nada como a 40 fps y solomse me calienta asta 65 C tiene un i52430m 2.4 ghz con TB a 3.0 ghz.

  7. Stand against PC games says:

    Stay away from PC Games. Keep your kids away from Games – save your kids health and money for yourself.

    Video games lead to addictions similar to the alcoholic and drug addiction. It makes children less interactive in society. Their quality of speech and interaction with other is negatively affected. The health problem multiplies. PC games are not like real games that where you derive physical benefits by being more physically active.

    Stand against PC games. Do not buy PC games for your kids – the same way you do not buy a Cigarette for your kids.

  8. Bill says:

    This is an English-speaking forum. English, tits, or GTFO.

  9. Vogn says:

    I have an intel Pentium B950 Dual core with intel HD Graphics, Can i Plays Assassins Creed Revelations on it, i played Fifa 12 n Need for Speed MW jas perfect n wz wonderin hw about fast paced graphical games.

  10. Chrris says:

    I have a Lenevo G570 with a core i3 Processor running at 2.4 ghz. it comes with the integrated Intel 3000. Would it be worth it to buy Battlefield 3 and run it on this laptop?

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