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Intel Core i7-4500U Vs i5-4200U

The Intel’s Core i7-4500U and the core i5-4200U belong to the Haswell series and it makes it easy to compare them apple to apple as both share same manufacturer and series. Both these processors are dual core ( and both do support Hyperthreading). The Core i7-4500U has 200 MHz higher base clock frequency ( 1.8 GHz Vs 1.6 GHz) and 400 MHz higher turbo clock frequency (3.0 GHz Vs 2.6 GHz). The i7-4700U also comes with higher Cache ( 4 MB Vs 3 MB).


This results in about 18% higher peak performance for the core i7-4500U.


Both of them have identical integrated graphics ( Intel HD Graphics HD 4400), so expect identical integrated graphics performance, except that the i7-4500U has marginally higher graphics turbo clock ( 1.10 GHz Vs 1.0 GHz).

Take a look at the video explanation and leave your comments below.

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