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Intel Core i7-3770K Processor – Ivy Bridge

The Core i7-3770K bumps up the base clock frequency of the Core i7-3770 by 100 MHz. The Suffix K denotes officially unlockable part , and , owing to the 22 nm Ivy Bridge process. Given the same clock frequency, the Ivy Bridge processor is expected to provide 10 to 15% more improvement over the Sandy Bridge processor.
Table : Features and Specs

Feature Core i7-3770K
Core Frequency 3.50 GHz
No. Of Cores 4 (8 Hyperthreads)
Cache Organization 8 MB L3
Turbo Frequency 3.90 GHz
TDP Rating 77 Watts
64 Bit Support Y
Lithography 22 nm
Integrated Memory Controller DDR3-1600 /1333
Integrated Graphics Intel HD 4000 , 650 MHz Base, 1150 MHz Turbo

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4 Response

  1. Beefy says:

    What socket does it fit in ? Does it require a new motherboard ?

  2. admin says:

    The i7-3770K fits in the LGA 1155 socket – the same socket required by the Sandy Bridge Desktop processors.

    I should fit in the same motherboards that have LGA 1155

  3. Beefy says:

    OK. When is this releasing.

  4. admin says:

    Likely in April 2012.

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