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Intel Atom N550 Vs AMD C-60

In the low power netbook and small notebook processor areas, the Intel’s Atom N550 and the AMD’s C-60 are are very close in performance.

While AMD’s C-60 is clocked lower at 1.0 GHz, it supports turbo boost, which more than makes up for its slower clock speed. The N550 is clocked at 1.50 GHz. Both processors are dual core.

Table :  Feature Differences

Feature Atom N550 AMD C-60
Core Frequency 1.50 GHz 1 GHz
No. Of Cores
2 ( 4 Hyperthreads) 2
Cache Organization
1 MB L2 Cache 1 MB L2 + 128 KB L1
Turbo Frequency
No Turbo 1.33 GHz
TDP Rating
8.5 Watts 9 Watts
64 Bit Support
45 nm 40 nm
Integrated Memory Controller
DDR3 DDR3-1066
Integrated Graphics
Yes, integrated GMA 3150 Yes, integrated Radeon HD 6290
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Some more details of Atom N550

The Atom N550 significantly improves upon the N450 and N455 by integrating two cores in the processor ( The N450 and N455 have only 1 cores). The Cache also gets doubled to 1 MB. The Atom N550 should enhance the utility of the net books by providing a little more processing power juice.

Some more details of AMD C-60

The C-60′s main improvement over the C-50 is the introduction of the Turbo Boost feature. As you can see in the bench marks it improves the performance of the AMD C-50 processor significantly without increasing the TDP rating.

In the next post we will compare the benchmark results of these two processors.

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  1. juan says:

    tengo una aspire one 722 con c60 y win7 me da 3.2 y agrego que estoy vrealmente muy satisfecho con el desempeño sobretodo la grafica

  2. Alexandro says:


    this is an English site. If you can not write in English, please shut the fuck up.

    1. Joe Issac says:

      Alexandro, I think you are the one that needs to shut the fuck up. This is the internet, one can write in any language they please. If it doesn’t suit you, then please deactivate your internet connection.

      1. Sudeley says:

        No Alax is right, speak English on the English forums or get out.

  3. jerachmel says:

    His first amendment is about as good as any. Also it’s on the web, so it can and WILL be found by people from all over, including spanish speakers. Why grief someone over the language they write something in ON THE INTERNET? If you’re really gonna start something, why not go get the bilderbergs instead? Actually contribute to the human race

  4. melun says:


    what do you want to say ? Your English really suck. If you dont know Inglis please write in your own Spanish language.

  5. admin says:


    This is not a place to discuss these types of issues. If you really want to discuss something out of the topic, I invite you to join and post on the forum here –

  6. Sudeley says:

    Now for the topic at hand. This cpu is alittle disappointing being its not much more powerful than a Atom which to me is the bottom of the food chain. But i guess its fair because a cpu at 1000/1300mhz is beating a 1500mhz processor that can use 4 threads instead of 2.

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