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Intel Announces Q4, 2011 Financial Results

Intel has announced the Q4, 2011 Financial results. The most important data, of course the the gain in the revenue over the same period last year. Going by this data ( see the Table and the chart below) Intel seems to be placed well.

Intel posted 21 per cent increase in fourth quarter 2011 revenue. Profit increased by 6 per cent to $3.4bn. Investors were pleased ( really ?) with a 14 per cent increase in EPS to 64 cents.

Table 1 : Intel Earnings and Profit Q4 2011 Vs Q4 2010


Quarter Earning Profit
Q4 2010
 $11.48 bn  $3.18 bn
Q4 2011  $13.89 bn  $3.36 bn

The picture looks rosy and pleases investors. But before you become ecstatic compare the revenue and the profit compared to the previous quarter. Look at the comparative data.

Table 2 : Intel Earnings and Profit Q3 2011 Vs Q4 2011

Quarter Earning Profit
Q3 2011
$14.23 bn $3.47 bn
Q4 2011 $13.89 bn $3.36 bn

The earning and the profit is down as compared to the last quarter. Depending upon which way you want to look compare either with previous quarter or “same period last year”.

In overall, the revenue and the profit is up as compare to the previous financial year.

Table 3 : Intel Earnings and Profit FY 2010 Vs FY 2011

Year Earning Profit
$14.23 bn $3.47 bn
 2011 $13.89 bn $3.36 bn

The slowdown in the sales in the 4th quarter could be cause of concern for the Investors and Intel. It could also indicate the PC and processor market saturation. Intel’s entry into the Medfield and smartphone areas could be something that investors need to look for. Future Risk factors for Intel

– Apple could start using its own ARM processors for Macbook Air and Macbook Pro.
– Ultranotebooks could start using ARM processors, giving significant jolt to Intel.
– AMD’s Trinity processors could eat up significant market share, especially if Apple decides to go with Trinity.

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