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Integrated Graphics in C-50 and C-60

C-50 Vs C-60 C-50 Vs C-60 Benchmark Integrated Graphics in C-60 Vs C-50 Atom N550 Vs C-60

Integrated Graphics in C-50 and C-60

Update : 12/31/2011

We have updates the table and benchmark for the Radeon HD 6250 versus HD 6290.

Besides the difference in the turbo boost of the main processor, the C-50 and C-60 differ in the Integrated graphics. The C-60 has Radeon HD 6290 while the C-50 has the Radeon HD 6250. The Radeon HD 6250 works on a the base frequency of 276 MHz.

Both the grapgics processors have 80 shaders and an UVD3 video processor. The graphics performance of the Radeon gives C-xx processors an upper edge over the GMA 3150 processors in the Intel. The HD6290 in particular has twice the performance of the Nvidia’s Ion graphics processors.

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