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Inside Microsoft Leadership: Who is Steven Sinofsky?

Ever since July 2009, Steven Sinofsky is the main President at the Windows Live & Windows Division at the giant Microsoft Corporation. His man responsibilities include developing and marketing the Windows software and platform, Internet Explorer and Windows Live. Steven has faltered at times ( do you remember the Surface launch ?), but in general, has been able to saith though Microsoft in its difficult times.

Sinofsky has a long lasting relationship with Microsoft, ever since he started his career as a software design engineer in early 1989. It took 20 years of ascendance on the ladder of success to become a prolific president and marketer for some of the most successful products of the corporation. Sinofsky was also involved directly with the development of other well known products such as Microsoft Office 97, Office 95, Office pack 2007 and Microsoft Office XP.

As a president, his first two grand projects included developing and marketing Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Live Wave 3. Until the development of Windows 7, Microsoft always informed the general public about the stages of development, and about the innovative solutions included with their products. However, later on they decided that not much is going to be revealed about their products, up until the corporation and the head of marketing Sinofski were convinced that what they are about to throw on the market, is indeed an extras high quality product that they are all satisfied with.

Windows 7 has indeed proved an extremely successful product, and in the world there are currently well over 450 million users registered and using the licensed product. Sinofski has played a huge role in the entire process from production to marketing, and his efforts have paid off- the sales numbers show it!

Actually, Sinofski is such a key person in the Microsoft corporation, that most of the corporation’s divisions actually were influenced by his amazing leadership principles. Currently, Sinofsky is heavily involved in the development and marketing of the upcoming brand new and promising product of Microsoft- the Windows 8, which will be released officially on October 26 2012.

Sinofski is also the co-author of a semi-autobiographical and business book entitled One Strategy: Organization, Planning and Decision Making. He discusses plenty of inside secrets regarding how he managed to bring back everything on track after the huge Windows Vista debate.

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