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IDC Predicts chip Sale rise to $380 bn by 2016

IDC (International Data Corporation), the Industry Watcher of the modern era is expecting that the total revenue generated in the year 2012 will be approximately 315-320 billion dollars & is expected to rise to $380 bn by the end of 2016. International Data Corporation has predicted that the growth in the semiconductor industry will be due to the high end increasing demand for automotive electronics, Smartphone’s , tablets & other latest technology gadgets. The optimism is generated even when the sales growth of desktop segment is stays stagnant and notebook sales not too optimistic. International Data Corporation has given an estimate of 4.6 percent increase in revenue generated (i.e. 315 billion dollars) by the year end of 2012 and is expecting that it will see an increase of 6.2 percent (i.e. 335 billion dollars) in the total revenues generated by the end of 2013.

IDC has as well given a positive forecast on shifting of chip fabs to latest process nodes by making use of 20 nm process nodes so that they become more viable. Nevertheless, the International Data Corporation has predicted that the major areas in growing demand would be the communications industry in the year 2016. It predicts 3.7 percent increase in the PC markets, 5 percent increase in Mobile Markets & a tremendous growth of 97 percent in the communications industry.

In accordance with the statement made by Mali Venkatesan, Research Manager at International Data Corporation: “There is an ease of supply constraints on various semiconductor devices such as processors, Smartphone Apps & PC discrete Graphics Processors is for the reason that foundries are producing more capacity online“. Due to floods in Thailand, the growth in semiconductor industry went down as the production of Personal Computers & Hard Disks held back but slowly now it has recovered. Intel is growing rapidly with its 22nm leading edge whereas other memory companies & other foundries are moving towards 20nm nodes.

The International Data Corporation’s crystal ball gazers are expecting that the DRAM industry will show a drastic decrease in its growth for the reason that it is still recovering from the DRAM calamity that took place in the year 2011 which made Elpida go into the wall. In a quick-fix of time, IDC is expecting that Windows 8 by Microsoft will increase the chip sales tremendously as the PC OS is all set to be launched on October 26th.

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