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How to Solve the iPhone 4S Battery Drain Issue

There has been a large number of reports that talk about the iPhone 4S poor battery life. The discussion forum at apple , is swamped with, over 2000 messages reporting the issue. While a large number of “tweaks” has been suggested, the one that seems to work the most is disabling the loaction services.

Apparently there is a bug in the Location Services which makes the phone try to get your location too often unnecessarily. The iPhone does it in order to make a guess if the best time zone of your location and change your time accordingly.

To change this you need to do the following

Go to to Settings->Location Services->System Services and disable Setting Time Zone.

Warning – This will disable the iPhones capability of adjusting the time zone automatically. If you are moving from one location to another location, you may like to turn this feature on, so that iPhone can adjust the time again based upon your location.

You may also like to tweak the following to further improve the battery life

– Disable Diagnostics & Usage reporting.
– Disable ‘Ask to join Networks’ in Wi-Fi.
– Decrease the brightness a little bit.

Let us know if this works for you.

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