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How to Compare processors – #2

If the two processors are from Intel, you can use Intel’s website to compare the features. Let us say you want to compare Intel’s Pentium B960 with Intel Core i3-2350M.

Step 1 – Search for

Intel Pentium B960

Make sure that you include Intel in the search term. Chances are – the search engine will result an page as its first result. Click on that result and then Click on the Add to Compare.

Step 2

Repeat the above result for the Second processor. In case you do not get the second processor in the result, you may like to search like

Processor X

This will make sure that you get the results from the Intel site.

Step 3 :

Click on Compare-now on the Intel’s website. It will take you to a new page that shows in Tabulated form the specification of the two ( or more ) processors. The differences are highlighted in yellow background.

Here is the link to the Intel web page that compares Pentium B960 with Core i3-2350M,59836


– You do not get any benchmark comparison
– You can not compare any Intel processor against an AMD processor.

If Intel and compare-processors do not satisfy your needs, there are other ways to compare two processors. Click next to read on.

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