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How to Compare processors – #1

Comparing two processors to find out which one is better or for that matter which one is suitable for your needs could be one of the reasons you could be reading this article. In this series we will being you some simple tips that you can use to compare two processors.

Comparing Two processors in Same Series

Comparing two processors that belong to same manufacturer and same series, with same number of cores is relatively simple. All you have to do is look at the clock frequencies. The processor performance scales with the clock frequency. Notice that the Memory, Hard disk, chipset communication does not scale in the system and hence the benefit of the clock frequency gain is more exaggerated than real. Additionally, the top performing processors are priced exceedingly high than the next lower clocked processor. In such case, the slightly lower clocked processor makes more meaningful.

Use Compare Processor Rank Tool has provides a ranking tool, that can be used to narrow down your choice of the processors and lists out the typical specification differences between the processors. It also lists out benchmark results that can be used to compare the processors. You need to make sure to choose the right category ( Server, Desktop or Laptop) and choose the right range of clock and benchmark to get the results.


Besides the ranking tool, has individually examined most of the commonly searched processors and put them in the form of blog that includes table and chart. If you are searching from a search engine, you may like to make the search as

Processor A Vs Processor B

In most cases you will find what you are looking for. If not use the ranking tool. is not the only avenue of comparing processors. If both the processors are from Intel, its website has a nice too to compare the features of the two processors. Click next to read how.

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