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HD Graphics 3000 Vs 4000 – Quick Sync and Video Encoding

Quick Sync is the on chip hardware video encode and decode engine to make it competitive against other GPUs. A hardware video encode is typically 10x faster than the corresponding software only video encode.

The video encode depends upon the number of graphics cores and therefore, as Intel increased the number of graphics cores from 12 in HD Graphics 3000 to 16 in HD Graphics 4000, there naturally was gain in the performance of video encode. Video encoding is one of the best reasons to get a better graphics. Needless to say, Intel did not disappoint with Quick Sync.

The Quick Sync newer HD Graphics 4000 now allow selectable tradeoff between image quality and performance. Selecting the Better Quality option increases the bitrate which eventually results in increased file size.

Cyberlink media Video Encode Rate

The chart represents the comparative number of frames per second encoded for a high bit rate movie encode.

HD 4000 461
HD 3000 304

Obviously we are getting much better performance with HD Graphics 4000. Intel also has a much better solution compared to what AMD has to offer.

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  1. Jim says:

    Thanks for the awesome info. I was struggling to play some games with a HD 3000 but my other laptop has the HD 4000 and does seem to play games better.

    Thanks again

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