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GlobalFoundaries Inc.

GlobalFoundaries Inc., is the third largest independent semiconductor manufacturer in the world. Headquartered in Milpitas, California, GlobalFoundaries has Fab plants spanning in three continents including Singapore, Germany and USA making it a true global chip manufacturer.

Global FOundaries was created out of the divestment from AMD under the Dirk Meyer who was the CEO at that time. The spinning off the Globalfoundaries made AMD a more focused company ( it now only focuses on the design aspects) while Globalfoundaries leverages its manufacturing to serve more customers.

Its latest Fab 8 located in Luther Forest Technology Campus in NY, is one of the most advanced fabs in the world and is capable of churning out 60,000 wafers per month. Fab 8 is capable of 32/28 nm wafer production and used Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology, jointly developed by GLOBALFOUNDRIES and other members of IBM’s Process Development Alliance.

Table : List of GlobalFoundaries 300 mm Plants

Fab Number Location Capacity
Fab 1
Dresden, Germany Has two modules. Each can produce 25,000 wafers per month
Fab 7
Singapore Max full capacity 50,000 of 300 mm wafers per month
Fab 8
Saratoga County, New York, USA 60,000 wafers of of 300mm


Table : List of GlobalFoundaries 200 mm Plants

Fab Number Location Capacity
Fab 3
Singapore 50,000 of 200mm wafers/month
Fab 3/5
Singapore   54,000 of 200mm wafers/month
Fab 3E
Singapore 34,000 of 200mm wafers/month
Fab 6
Singapore 45,000 of 200mm wafers/month

GlobalFoundaries is headed by its CEO Ajit Manocha.

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