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Genesys Logic USB 3.0 Webcam Controller GL3620

If you intend to provide high quality video capturing solution, the maximum resolution may be limited by the USB 2.0, which can provide a maximum bandwidth of 480 Mbps. If you wish to transfer a faster uncompressed 1080p video from camera to the host processor, you simply can not do it due to the limitation of the USB 2.0 ( Note that 480 Megabits per second is the raw physical layer data rate).

This is going to change when Genesis Logic launches GL3620 – the world’s first USB3.0 webcam controller. It will be possible to transfer the uncompressed 1080p video at 1920 x 1080 resolution at 30 fps.

This will benefit high quality video conferencing which can benefit from the Genesys Logic GL3620 controller. The GL3620 comes with HISP (Hardware Image Signal Processing). The HISP can encode RGB raw data to YUV format. The HISP has additional capabilities including image quality enhancement, scaling, gamma correction and pixel correction.

The GL3620 is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and includes a motion JPEG encoder. The GL3620 is expected to be available in second quarter 2012. You can expect cameras based upon GL3620 in Q2 end 2012.

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