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Geforce 8400 gs vs Radeon HD 5450

GeForce 8400 has been one of the most popular graphics card deriving its popularity from its low cost and moderate performance.

It turns out that the Radeon HS 5450 is better in performance at about the same or slightly higher price. If you need any serious gaming performance, prefer Radeon HD 5450 over the GeForce 8400.

The Radeon HD 5450 has higher number of the SPUs ( Stream Processor Units)  – 80 Vs 16 – that churns out better performance for the HD 5450. The HD5450  cards generally come with newer and faster 1 GB DDR3 memory at 800 MHz that works in it favor against the slower and smaller 512 MB DDR2 400 MHz that most o the  GeForce 8400 come with.

The HD 5450 is able to perform better even while consuming substantially lower power than the GeForce 8400 ( 19 Watts Vs 40 Watts).

Both these cards come under ultra low performance category which serve basically the purpose of smooth display on one or more than one displays. Higher resolution graphics displays and dual graphics generally get smoother with the use of these cards.

These graphics cards have lost their significance as Intel as well has AMD has launched newer processors, most of which has integrated graphics. They consume low power while being significantly better than these entry level low end graphics cards.

Do not expect Geforce 8400 gs or for that matter  Radeon HD 5450 to be be able to play any of the modern games.


Here are the pricing on amazon. The pricing is only for the comparison purpose and may change over the time. You may like to check at places other than amazon as well if you plan to buy one.

Table : Geforce 8400 gs vs Radeon HD 5450 Price Comparison

PasMark Score

Here is the passmark Graphics score comparison.

Table : Geforce 8400 gs vs Radeon HD 5450

Feature GeForce 8400
Radeon HD 5450
Core / Shader Frequency 567 MHz / 1400 MHz 675 MHz
Memory Amount
512 MB DDR3 800 MHz DDR3
Direct X Support
DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 DirectX 11 support
Lithography 40 nm
16 SPUs, 8 Texture Address Units and 4 Rasterization  80(16×5) SPUs, 8 TAUs, and 4 Raster Operation Units


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  1. Dan Lucia says:

    In this comparison you mentioned newer cards made by AMD and Intel that are significantly better. What are they and are they low profile like the 8400 to fit in a mini case?

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