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Gateway L-LX.WVZ02.005 has AMD C-50 processor

Gateway L-LX.WVZ02.005 Review

Gateway L-LX.WVZ02.00 is a Factory-Refurbished Laptop powered by the AMD’s C-Series C-50 Processor, that can be classified as an entry level processor. It is a dual core processor and is clocked at 1 GHz. While the processor itself is not very powerful, the integrated graphics core in the processor is great and it reduces the cost of the system for the system builders. This is one reason why bestbuy is able to offer this notebook at a price of $289 ( when compare processors is writing this review). Notice that it is refurbished notebook – and a large number of refurbished notebooks imply that the users may have noticed some issues and may have returned it.

But for an entry level college students $289 could be a good bargain. The notebook is NOT a small netbook – it has a full fledged screen – 15.6 inch in size ( made possible by the graphics engine of the AMD’s C-50 processor). The C-50 processor has an integrated memory controller that runs at 1066 speed grade. The processor consumes very low power which leads to a long battery life.

Gateway L-LX.WVZ02.005 comes with 3 GB of memory and comes with a DVD writes and 320 GB of hard disk. The DVD drive is very useful even today as the USB flash drives have started becoming more prominent. You can install software that come in DVD, watch DVD movies and store useful backups in DVDs. Many smaller netebooks and iPads does not come with DVDs and the users have reported issues in their ability to re install the operating systems and the programs. This is an additional benefit of this Gateway notebook.

In a nutshell you are getting a full fledged notebook at the price less than that of a netbook. Additionally you get a DVD drive, a bigger screen. This notebook does everything an iPad can do and additionally has a full fledged regular keyboard, a DVD drive, a bigger screen, a processor that is twice as fast, storage capacity that is 20 times that of an iPad, a much bigger RAM , minus that touch screen functionality. Which one will you prefer – an iPad that costs more than double this notebook ? It is then, a matter of personal choice. Compare processors beleive that this notebook is a much better choice to accomplish you home computing and all normal works that you will need on a daily basis.

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