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Gateway L-LX.WM802.026 has Phenom II x2 N660

Gateway L-LX.WM802.026 Review

The Gateway L-LX.WM802.026 from Gateway is a factory refurbished notebook and is powered by the Phenom II X2 N660, the dual core processor from AMD ( Advanced Micro Devices).

This velvet blue notebook has a 15.6 inch screen and is available at a dirt cheap price of $309 at bestbuy, something you may be willing to grab. Just add the cost of the Windows 7 Operating system, the display, the 3GB RAM and the processor. The calculation will show that it is worth it.

But then, if you compare with the notebooks that come with latest processor, including those that come with Intel’s Sandy bridge, it may not be the fastest notebooks available in the market. But it will let you do most of the basic computing without a hitch.

The AMD Phenom II x2 N660 processor

The AMD’s Phenom II N660 is clocked at 3 GHz ans is a Dual-Core Mobile processor for notebooks. It does not has L3 Cache and even with a high clock frequency its performance is not as great as the latest Intel processors that are even clocked somewhat lower. We should see its performance similar to the Core 2 Duo processors from Intel. The latest 1st gen and the 2nd gen core i3 processors are faster than this one even at lower clock frequency. For example the core i3-380M will outperform the N660 in benchmarks.

The notebook itself should be nice and worth grabbing. It has better performance than many of the Apple’s MAC that cost $1000 and over. The only thing that you will need to be careful is to keep your Anti Virus up to date so you do not end up loosing data.

Gateway L-LX.WM802.026 comes with three USB ports and a DVD drive. The

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