Radeon HD 7750M Vs 7730M

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Radeon HD 7750M Vs 7730M

Postby mod » Mon May 07, 2012 12:41 pm

The HD 7750M and the 7730M belong to the high end notebook graphics. I am trying to capture the differnce between the two. From the name you may be tempted to think that Radeon HD 7750M is better than the HD 7730M. However, as per AMD site the clock is listed in a way, which makes me think that there may be typo in the clock frequency listing.

The HD 7750M is listed at 575 MHz while the 7730M is listed as 575-675 MHz clock. Should not it be reversed ?

Feature Radeon HD 7750M Radeon HD 7730M Note
Clock 575 MHz 575 MHz to 675 MHz Is it incorrect ?
1000 MHz (4.0 Gbps) 1000 MHz (4.0 Gbps) 900 MHz (1.8 Gbps)
Memory Transfer Rate 64 GB/s 28.8 GB/s
Memory Interface 128 bit GDDR5 128 bit GDDR5 should the 7730M be 64 bit ?

Another thing that seems a bit odd is the memory transfer rate listing. Unless, you assume that the Memory interface is 128 bit versus 64 bit, the memory transfer rate does not make sense.
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Postby mod » Mon May 07, 2012 12:42 pm

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