HD Graphics 4000 Vs GeForce GT 630M

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HD Graphics 4000 Vs GeForce GT 630M

Postby hubert » Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:57 pm

We have some benchmark results available that shows HD Graphics 4000 is not way behind the GeForce GT630M in DirectX 11 benchmark. These results are from early notebooks, hence, the DirectX 11 driver may not be perfect at this moment. Wait for some more time for final results to appear.

Take a look at

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Postby hubert » Sun May 13, 2012 12:55 pm

That is not too bad for HD Graphics 4000 which is essentially embedded into the processor.
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Postby Digi » Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:58 am

I'm the type of guy that will prefer the GeForce GT 630M graphics card anyday, haha.

I just wanted to add some information on the GeForce GT 630M.
Here's the specifications:


GPU Engine Specs
-> CUDA Cores: 96 cores
-> Graphics Clock (MHz): Up to 800 MHzGraphics Clock (MHz)
-> Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec): Up to 12.8

Memory Specs
-> Memory Interface: DDR3\GDDR5
-> Memory Interface Width: Up to 128bit
-> Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): Up to 32.0

Also, the GeForce GT 630M also supports; HDCP, HDMI and 3D BlueRay.
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Postby DuneDreamer » Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:17 am

On my favorite game, Diablo 3, GeForce GT 630M performs better than HD graphics 4000. Take a look at the following benchmark test:

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