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Five best 2012 New Product Launches – #3 Windows 8

Windows 8 has been universally hailed as being better, faster and newer. Ever since the launch of the Windows 95 all way to the Windows 7, Microsoft never experimented with the basic “look” of the “Windows”. This is going to change with the newer “Metro” interface Windows 8, and the most important reason behind it being the integration of a unified operating system for the mainstream machines ( Notebooks and Desktops), Tablets and smart phones.

Windows 8 has smaller footprint, boots up and shuts down faster, has better support for the class drivers.

According to Anandtech, – it has the potential to be a killer tablet operating system, and for my part I think it’s quite usable on a laptop and desktop.

And that brings us to the next important launch(es) of the 2012 – The Windows 8 Smart phones and Tablets

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